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Confidence is Key

Boosting confidence in yourself and others is a big factor to doing your best in the arena. By McKenzie Morgan, age 16, originally published in the November 2018 issue of Barrel Horse News In my previous columns, I’ve written about hardheaded horses, the practice pen, dreams, self-confidence and being the “rodeo kid.” This month, I…

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Danyelle Campbell’s Circular Tire Drill

One of Danyelle Campbell’s favorite barrel racing drills is her circular tire drill. She uses it to reinforce her horses’ body positioning, take away anticipation and help you ride more correctly. Using tires instead of barrels helps a colt learn footwork and how to turn correctly and keeps a finished horse from sucking toward the…

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Kendra Dickson’s 5 Reasons to Shorten Your Stirrups

Professional barrel racer and clinician Kendra Dickson has a saying—you have to keep your feet to keep your seat. Many barrel racers ride with their stirrups too long, causing problems during a run such as leaning and rocking, balancing on your hands, getting unseated in a turn, toes down and legs back, and not using…

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Horse Care and Nutrition with Brandon Cullins

Brandon Cullins knows what it takes to win at the highest levels of competition. The Clements, Maryland, trainer has won multiple National Barrel Horse Association open 1D titles, qualified two years in a row to the final four Shootout Round at RFD-TV’s The American Rodeo, swept the 2017 BFA World Championship Futurity, Derby and Juvenile…

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Everything You Need to Know to Qualify for the Next WCRA Semifinals

Have you nominated to earn points to advance to the WCRA Rodeo $500,000 Semifinals Rodeo? Barrel racer Cheyenne Wimberley earned a $50,000 paycheck for winning the WCRA Rodeo Windy City Roundup on January 11. She earned that spot in Chicago by winning the first WCRA Semifinals in Guthrie, Oklahoma, in November 2018. Barrel racers made…

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