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2021 NBHA Professional’s Choice Vegas Super Show – Web Feed

There will be a FREE live stream of the 2021 NBHA Professional’s Choice Las Vegas Super Show, running live each day at 8am Vegas time. Friday, June 4 8 am | WCRA Fast Track Qualifier | Race 1 | Senior Saturday, June 5 8 am | Race 2 | Youth Sunday, June 6 8 am…
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NBHA Partners with SaddleBook; A Complete Online Solution for Barrel Racers

The National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) is proud to partner with SaddleBook, an innovative, new mobile solution for barrel racers and producers which streamlines the process of entering, managing, and reporting results, for barrel racing events. The NBHA is dedicated to exploring new technologies that propel the sport to the next level, and an alliance…
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WCRA/NBHA Alliance

We are proud to announce that the NBHA is an alliance with World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA). Through WCRA, NBHA members can nominate to earn Competition and more importantly, Consolation Points for the chance to qualify for WCRA major rodeos and the 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Championship. Since May of 2018, WCRA has awarded more than $8.5 million…
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Alabama’s District 06 Director, Skeet Davis, Retires After 24 Years of Dedicated Service

When we caught up with “Skeet” Davis on a Friday afternoon, he was on his way to complete some maintenance work for his church. To know Skeet, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that retirement from his NBHA Directorship hasn’t slowed him down one bit. For just more than 24 years, Skeet served as the…
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2021 World Event Qualifier Clarification

There are only two ways to qualify to attend 2021 Worlds: 1.       Be on the 2021 Qualifier List as posted in the Results menu. This list should include everyone who held a membership once in 2020 at any point. 2.       Join in 2021 and personally win a Wildcard. You are unable to use a purchased or gifted…
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The Official 2021 NBHA World Championship QUALIFIER Buckle

Exclusively available to NBHA members qualifying through the 2020 season to compete at the 2021 World Championships. NOTE: due to limited qualifying from the 2020 season, members can self-determine which divisions, if any, they will include in the buckle text. Other text suggestions include: personal name, horse’s name, home state. Prior year Qualifier buckles available by emailing or calling…
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