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As a valued member, you will enjoy the many benefits of belonging to the NBHA:

  • Eligibility to qualify for State Shows, World Championship Shows and opportunity to run for large purses at regional events;
  • An opportunity to compete for Prize Money, Awards and Incentives including:
    • Gist Silversmith Buckles
    • Professional’s Choice Awards
    • Other National Sponsor Products and Awards provided by Triple Crown Feed, Wrangler, Boot Barn, and more
  • A complimentary print subscription to Barrel Horse News, the official publication of the NBHA
  • A complimentary digital subscription to Western Horseman, the world’s leading horse magazine

Membership Pricing:
Based on the calendar year, NBHA season runs from Jan 1 – Dec 31.

  • Adult 1 Year – $65
  • Adult 3 Year – $150
  • Youth 1 Year (18& Under as of Jan 1 of competition year) – $50
  • Youth 3 Year (18& Under as of Jan 1 of competition year) – $125
  • Charter 1 Year (Membered by 1993 and continually since) – $48
  • Charter 3 Year (Membered by 1993 and continually since) – $120
  • Social 1 Year (Non-competing) – $38
  • Social 3 Year (Non-competing) – $95

Click here for detail help instruction on how to claim your current NBHA Account.


The NBHA was the first barrel racing organization to introduce the divisional system that allowed barrel racers to compete on a level playing field and continues to be a driving force in the barrel racing landscape. Since 1993, NBHA has delivered a full menu of unmatched benefits and services to its members, with more than $12 million paid in purse money and $2.5 million in added money and continues to provide the best service and competitive environment for its members.

While we are many, NBHA believes in and supports each member individually. We invite you to join with thousands of members of all ages across the United States and affiliates in multiple countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Finally, please accept my sincere thanks as you make the choice to be a part of NBHA. As the world leader in the sport of barrel racing, your participation and member input makes us what we are. Thank you for helping us “make the turn,” to a better, brighter, NBHA!


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