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2024 NBHA Youth & Teen World Championships

Jul 21 - Jul 27

2024 NBHA Youth & Teen World Championships

July 21-27, 2024

Georgia National Fairgrounds
401 Larry Walker Parkway
Perry, GA 31069 

$90,000+ ADDED MONEY
10 Circle Y Saddles to the 1D-5D Champions in the Teen & Youth
10 Gist World Champion Buckles | 10 Gist Reserve World Champion Buckles
Go Round Buckles for Rounds 1 & 2 in BOTH classes + Many more awards!
460 Gist Finalist Buckles

Click here to enter online 3/5/2024 at 10am EST:


We will utilize 2 Arenas (Perdue and Reaves Arena) now that entries have exceeded our one-arena limit of 1,700.

Horse Paperwork Requirements

      • Negative coggins & health certificates required per Georgia law. Paperwork will be checked. 
      • 12 Month negative coggins for ALL horses.
      • 30 Day health certificate for all OUT OF STATE horses.

Facility Arrivals and RV’s

      • Fairgrounds open Friday, July 19 at 8 am sharp EST.
      • Arrivals will be allowed 24/7 this year once fairgrounds open on July 19th.
      • RV Reservations OPEN on April 2nd at 10am EST here:
      • RV Hookups will be available on the GNFA website.


Will be available on!

Radio Station:

Listen in to the action of the Reaves Arena at 87.9 FM

Golf Cart Rentals

      • Mike’s Golf Cart Rental LLC | Book Now!
      • Reserve Golf Carts online at
      • *Must be 18 & older with valid drivers license to rent/drive.

Personal Golf Carts, UTVs & Crickets

      • Personal golf carts, utility vehicles and crickets permitted.
      • Any questions regarding vehicles that are and are not allowed should be directed to GNFA.
      • All permitted carts must be checked-in at the NBHA Office.
      • Personal cart users must agree to and sign the rules related to use
      • ABSOLUTELY NO SEGWAYS allowed per GNFA Rules.

Vendor Information

Qualifications for 2024 Youth & Teen Worlds

      • Click here to see the full qualification list.
      • Direct any qualification concerns to us immediately to [email protected].
      • Youth = anyone qualified contestant who is 12 years and under as of Jan 1, 2023.
      • Teen = any qualified contestant who is between the ages of 13 and 18 as of Jan 1, 2023.

Added Money Breakdown

      • 2D Poles: $1,000 Added
      • Youth: $8,000 Added Per Round | Finals $12,000
      • Teen: $15,000 Added Per Round | Finals $20,000
      • Troxel Helmet: $250 Per Round
      • APHA PBRIP: $500 Per Round
      • Youth Redemption Round: $2,500
      • Teen Redemption Round: $2,500

Entry Fees

All Entry fees cover both go-rounds. No Additional fee for Finals.

      • Teen: $185
      • Youth: $165
      • All Sidepots: $60 | Boy, Girl, Helmet, World Rookie (Separate Classes for Teen & Youth) & APHA PBRIP
        • Boy – Open to all male riders
        • Girl – Open to all female riders
        • Troxel Helmet – Open to all riders who compete in a safety helmet (any brand)
        • World Rookie – Open to all riders who are attending a NBHA World Finals for their first time
        • APHA PBRIP sidepot – Open to any APHA registered horse & rider who is a PBRIP enrolled. Youth & Teen Combined.
      • 2D Pole Bending: $120 *Entries open separately on June 24th at 10AM est.
      • Redemption Round: $80 (entries not open until at event)
      • Mail-In Entry Processing Fee: $50 plus 4% convenience fee for credit card payments
      • Online Entry: 4% processing fee only.

Breathe Easy Bonus™

      • Achieve Equine, the maker of FLAIR Strips is offering a Breathe Easy Bonus™ again this year at the 2024 NBHA Youth and Teen World Championships.
      • Youth and teen riders are eligible to win the Breathe Easy Bonus, a $250 cash prize, to division winners (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D) if their horse wears a FLAIR Strip during the short-go run on Saturday, July 26. This additional payout is awarded to both Youth and Teen divisions.

Important Dates

      • Mail-In Entries must be postmarked by 6/14 to avoid late fees
      • We strongly suggest using trackable mailing methods
      • Online regular entries close on 6/21 at midnight EST
      • Late entries ONLY accepted online through 7/12 at midnight EST
      • Late fee is $100/horse
      • Absolutely no late entries after 7/12
      • Draw/Vet/Med Outs 6/21 or prior, result in a full refund less the processing fee
      • Vet/Med Outs 6/22-7/20 result in a 70% refund of entries, no refund on stalls or processing fee with valid Vet/Doctor Note
      • All Draw/Vet/Med outs need to be emailed to [email protected]

Finalist Information

      • Teen: Top 25 in each round advance to Finals | 255+ Total Finalists (includes minimum of 5 from Redemption Round)
      • Youth: Top 20 in each round advance to Finals | 205+ Total Finalists (includes minimum of 5 from Redemption Round)
      • Round 2 will roll beyond the cut off placings if any horse and rider team is already qualified.
      • All Finalists will receive a Gist Buckle for each qualified horse.
      • Finalists Buckles will be given out at the conclusion of the Grand Entry for each class.
      • Additional chance to qualify to the Finals in 2024: Redemption Round. Info listed below.
      • NEW THIS YEAR: If a division does not fill in from Round 1 or 2 we will allocate additional finalist positions to the other 4 divisions as such: for every 4 unfilled finalist positions we will take back 1 additional finalist from each D on the round that this occurs. For example:
        • 6 unfilled finalist positions in the 1D Round 1 would yield 1 additional finalist in each of the 2D-5D for that age class only.


      • Stalls are for the entire duration of the event and includes 3 bags of shavings.
      • Permanent Stalls (Horse Barns 1 & 2): $175
      • Portable Stalls: $155
      • Portable stalls: Multi-Purpose, Beef & Dairy, Sheep #1 & #2 Barns, Practice Ring #3, and Sutherland Arena.
      • Permanent stalls are wood siding and concrete floors.
      • Portable stalls vinyl siding and majority are concrete floors with a small amount of portable stalls having dirt floors (Sutherland Arena and part of Practice Ring #3).
      • Please limit stalls to competing horses and/or track stalls only. Stalls expected to sell out.
      • FACILITY RULE: NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS ARE ALLOWED* *Allergy exception with vet note
      • Shaving and pellets are available through the facility during the event.
      • Additional shavings can be purchased on or at the shavings office next to Covered Horse Arena.
      • Stall mat rental can be rented here from our official vendor, Greenbroke Farms for $120/stall (pre-order price):
      • You do not have to know your stall to reserve mats. The NBHA office send a stall list to Greenbroke prior to event.
      • Stalls will be assigned first-come, first-served.
      • Online entries will definitely have a better chance at being “first-come” as they open. Paper entries will be available as well and would be input within a reasonable time upon receipt by mail.
      • The foolproof way to get your friends and yourself stalled together is to have one of you buy all the stalls on one entry.
      • There will be a NOTE SECTION online to include your stall preferences and whom you want to be grouped with if purchasing separately from your friends. Suggestion: Use a group name, and make sure all people in your group use the same name, and preferably a total number of how many stalls will be in your group. If one part purchases early and the other not around the same time. It could make it hard for us to place you together. No guarantees.

Haul Ins

      • Haul Ins (horses without purchased stalls) allowed for a one-time $50 per horse fee. 
      • Parking lot for haul ins will be determined closer to the event.
      • Haul Ins must pay for all horses in the trailer, no exceptions.

Reaves Exhibitions

        • Example: One Youth Entry = One Exhibitions Max, Two Youth Entries = Two Exhibitions Max, etc.
      • Only available on when entries open March 5, 2024 at 10 am EST.
      • Any purchases greater than one exhibitions per horse will result in the removal of extra exhibitions with no refund.
      • Exhibitions must be purchased by the competing member on SaddleBook. Do not attempt to purchase exhibitions for anyone else. No refunds.
      • Exhibitions will be available in 50-minute time slots. Exhibitions are not guaranteed and only available while supplies last.
      • These exhibitions are for Reaves arena ONLY!
      • Perdue Arena exhibitions will be offered on-site using a line up method.

2D Pole Bending 

      • Entries will open June  24th at 10AM EST
      • $1,000 Added
      • Limited to the first 100 entries online through SaddleBook.
      • $120 Entry Fee
      • 70% Payback | 2D | 1 Second Splits
      • Horse must be entered in finals
      • Limit to 1 entry per person

Reserve Souvenir Packages – Pre-sales end 6/21

      • Contestant Package | $55 | Limit 1 per Contestant:
        • Commemorative Felt Back Number
        • Souvenir T-shirt with Contestant Names
        • Show Program
      • Commemorative Package | $50 | No Limit
        • Souvenir T-shirt with Contestant Names
        • Show Program
        • Large Show Sticker

Payment Plan Available for Online Entries

      • All online entries will be taken through SaddleBook.
      • Entries open on March 5, 2024 at 10AM EST
      • Don’t wait, build your profile now!
      • Online entries will accept all major credit cards.
      • Choose the ‘Payment Plan’ option to at checkout break your total entry sum into three payments spaced 4 weeks apart each.
      • The Payment Plan option will expire on April 12th and not be available for new entries taken from that point on.
      • Please use a credit card that does not expire during the upcoming months.
      • Incomplete charges that are not cleared up with the office in a timely matter will result in DQ.

Redemption Round

      • Entry available to the horse/rider combinations who didn’t qualify to Finals
      • $80 Entry Fee | 5D Race
      • Separate class for Youth & Teen
      • NEW THIS YEAR: After every 300 entries in a redemption class we will add 1 additional spot. See below for breakdown.
        • 1-299 Entries = 1 finalist per D
        • 300-599 Entries = 2 finalist per D
        • 600-899 Entries = 3 finalist per D
        • 1-299 Entries = 1 finalist per D
      • All finalist of the redemption rounds will receive Gist Silversmith finalist buckles, too.

More Info

      • All horses on the grounds must have a stall or pay a haul-in fee.
      • A same horse cannot be ridden more than once per class (Family Exception – See Rulebook)
      • You must name your horse at time of entry and must use registered names, if available
      • Horse substitutions allowed. $25 fee per horse substitutions after the draw
      • Anyone substituting 2 or more horses will have their horses redrawn in their draw positions as well as paying the $25 fee per horse.
      • No horse swaps allowed after your 1st go draw position has past.
      • Rider substitutions not allowed.
      • Check-in is required prior to your first drawn position in your first event, or contestant is fined $50.
      • NBHA Check in is at the Reaves Arena office at the front of the building nearest the clock tower.
      • Guard Shack Check in is for the facility and does not constitute NBHA Check In.
      • Maximum 5 horses entered in a class per qualified contestant
      • Absolutely no bareback riding at any time – Saddles must be used when horseback
      • Returned check fee = $35
      • Helpers in the holding must have closed toe shoes.
      • Dress code strictly enforced.
      • Dress Code, 1st Offense = Warning, 2nd Offense = $50 Fine, Hat Fine = $10
      • Hat retrieval is up to the contestant. They are to pick up at the closest barrel or gate that it came off the same day it occurred.
      • NBHA Rules apply. See Rulebook for details.
      • All final decisions are determined by the show office.

Event Schedule Coming Soon!


Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
Perry, GA United States + Google Map
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Official NBHA
(706) 722-7223
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