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2021 World Event Qualifier Clarification

There are only two ways to qualify to attend 2021 Worlds:

1.       Be on the 2021 Qualifier List as posted in the Results menu. This list should include everyone who held a membership once in 2020 at any point.

2.       Join in 2021 and personally win a Wildcard. You are unable to use a purchased or gifted Wildcard for entry to the 2021 Worlds if you were not a member for one consecutive year.

DO NOT sell your wildcards or purchase a wildcard with the idea that it can be used for 2021 Worlds. This amendment will not impact NBHA District awards and is only applicable to NBHA 2021 World qualifications. Please note that effective January 1 2021, we will be returning to our regular qualification regulations through your District for our 2022 World Championship events.