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Important NBHA Rule Changes for 2021

The NBHA has carefully reviewed our rulebook and provided some new rules, clarifications, and definitions to enhance the association’s structure plus remain aligned with the ever-evolving industry of barrel racing. Below is a summary of changes to the rulebook. This list is not inclusive, and it is highly recommended that members and directors read the rulebook in full. This new edition of the rule book is available here under the Membership tab in a printable pdf version. If any questions or concerns arise, please contact the office by email at [email protected]. Thank you for being a valued part of the NBHA.

Section A

  • Barrels must be enclosed on both ends and not weighted.
  • Starting gates: When two entry gates are offered, they must be offered uniformly to all.
  • All inclusive definition of the instances in which a no-time would be awarded.
  • Broadening of entry close times allowing a director to accept entries past the first rider in a class if interested AND approved.
  • Change the amount of time you wait on a horse to start the pattern from three minutes to two minutes.

Section B

  • The addition and definition of the Teen Class.

Section C

  • Official updated verbiage to define World Show qualification from previous sliding scale to 10 in each class.

Section D

  • Change of minimum payout percentage of 80% to 75% of entry fees, or 70% if $1,000 added money or more.
  • New payout tables displaying more placings.
  • An alternate option for the number of placings based on number of entries.
  • An alternate way to divided leftover prize money when not enough contestants fill the placings.

Section E

  • All new section! Rules related to the State, Super and World Shows.

Section F

  • No substantial changes.

Section G

  • Dress Code redefined.
  • Decreased hat fine from $25 to $15 at World Shows and $10 at Tour Shows.

Section H

  • Updated address to Fort Worth for written protests.

Section I

  • Brand New! Extensive coverage of NBHA intellectual property and how affiliated districts and states may use NBHA logo and text.