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Renew Your NBHA Membership Before Jan 1 to Qualify for 2021 World Championship Events

After extensive discussion and consideration, the NBHA has modified its qualification requirements for the NBHA 2021 Youth & Teen World Championships and the NBHA 2021 Open & Senior World Championships. The decision was made due to the number of COVID-related event postponements and cancellations in the 2020 season. We understand that we’re operating in unprecedented times and members across the country have not had the opportunity to fully participant in NBHA events.

Competitors may qualify to a 2021 NBHA World Championship event by satisfying one of these requirements below. These changes will allow a NBHA member to enter a maximum of five horses to a 2021 World Championship Show.

How to Qualify for a 2021 NBHA World Championship

  1. Hold a NBHA membership at any time during the 2020 calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2020)


2. Join NBHA in the 2021 calendar year and win or purchase a Wildcard (and meet all purchasing requirements)

This amendment will not impact NBHA District awards and is only applicable to NBHA 2021 World qualifications. Please note that effective January 1 2021, we will be returning to our regular qualification regulations through your District for our 2022 World Championship events.

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