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Down the Fence

Fence work helps professional barrel horse trainer Lacey Harmon quicken a horse’s feet and response time.

Begin by trotting down the rail, leaving a bit of space between your horse and the fence. Barrel Horse News photo by Kailey Sullins

Trainer’s Tip: “They don’t have to turn back on the fence really hard, but I want them to rate at the fence. When they do turn back, I want them to leave hard. It’s more of a quickness-on-the-backside type of exercise. I don’t want it to be like a ‘Do it right now’ thing. I want them to stay soft.”

Sit deep in the saddle to rate your horse down, similar to how you would at a barrel, and ask it to roll over its hind end toward the fence by applying outside leg pressure and releasing your inside leg. Barrel Horse News photo by Kailey Sullins

Be aware of your body position and that you’re cueing your horse correctly throughout this exercise.

Lacey demonstrates correct rider leg position for a turn into the fence to the left. Barrel Horse News photo by Kailey Sullins

Article by Blanche Schaefer. Read more about Lacey Harmon’s training methods here.