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2023 NBHA Open & Senior World Champions Crowned in Perry!

The 2023 NBHA Open & Senior World Championships took place on October 29 – November 4 in Perry, Georgia. Congratulations to all our winners. Find full results on SaddleBook here.


Open Finals
1D: 14.738 Megan Swint on Zing Zing Its Talent
2D: 15.247 Kaylee Nicole Weaver on Friday Night Cowboy
3D: 15.743 Anna Garcia on Shaman Jet Smoke
4D: 16.339 Sherrie Dixon on Sunkinda Wonder
5D: 16.764 Tracey Steeves on NLD Fancylady Hancock

Senior Finals
1D: 14.948 Gay Wynn on Tres Down The Fame
2D: 15.492 Doug Hammond on Carrizzos Lucky Girl
3D: 15.955 Denny Montanti on Tee Epic Oneder
4D: 16.448 on Lori Chestnut on PJH Flits Zero Jet
5D: 16.969 Barbara OLeary on Lita Bar Leo

Open – Round 1
1D: 14.663 Pressley Green on Sissy Slick Design (Photo below)
2D: 15.183 Jennifer Mcphall on Doc O Nick Bar
3D: 15.668 Aubrey Smith on Jaynee
3D: 15.668 Mackenzie Leonard on Flash of Technicolor
4D: 16.164 Leigh Lopez on Hez Gotta Full Tank
5D: 16.665 Shawn Miller on JRF Gertie Red

Open Round 2
1D: 14.632 Chloe Gray on Shake N Firewater
2D: 15.145 Taylor Carver on Proud Easy N Famous
3D: 15.633 Kaylee Nicole Weaver on One Smart Peptocat
4D: 16.133 (tie) Anna Garcia on Shaman Jet Smoke & Erin Corley on Keep on Streaking
5D: 16.634 Kristina Nichols on Firen My Flame

Senior – Round 1
1D: 15.001 Marty Fulghum on Fireflingnwitch (Photo below)
2D: 15.513 Troy Stanley on GFQ Famous French Rose
3D: 16.005 Sherri Wright on Ms Smart Sailing Doc
4D: 16.507 Mickey Thompson on Six Packs Foxy
5D: 17.013 Michael Moyer on Minute To Pass

Senior Round 2
1D: 15.010 Amilda Coffman on Firewater Will
2D: 15.531 Doug Hammond on Carrizzos Lucky Girl
3D: 16.018 Cathy Gale on Streaking Woody
4D: 16.519 Cathy Gale on Ta Tonka
5D: 17.023 Sarah Vinson on Sugar

Super Senior
1D: 15.307 Patti Elliott on Famous Dash Diamond
2D: 15.844 Patti Elliott on Famous Alene
3D: 16.379 Deb Farris on Flittenfannyspayday
4D: 16.929 Laurette Summers on Kenova
5D: 17.312 Martha Gross on Kros Dark Pine

1D: 14.792 Tiany Schuster on Admire My Fame
2D: 15.303 Kaydynce Redman on Kicking Yo Socks Off
3D: 15.809 Annalee Smith on AHS StreaknFirstLady
4D: 16.292 Kyrra McIntosh on MS Spoonful Playgun
4D: 16.292 Savannah Rea on Royal T Catch
5D: 16.795 Amanda Wasden on Dually Dunit to Shine

Pole Bending
1D: 19.712 Glenn Sutherland on Buggin For Some Sun
2D: 20.859 Peggy Pulley on Gunner
3D: 21.818 Danielle Dills on Sun Jets Doc Solano

Photos below: