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NBHA Proud to Partner with Noltrex®Vet in 2022

The National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) is excited to announce a new partnership with Noltrex®Vet, a revolutionary 100% synthetic joint lubricant. Noltrex®Vet joins the NBHA esteemed list of National Partners who support the rapidly expanding association throughout the year at every Official NBHA Tour and World Championship Event.

“NBHA is proud to partner with Nucleus ProVets, the exclusive distributor of Noltrex®Vet, industry leaders, who focuses on the physical well-being of our equine athletes,” NBHA Director Bailey Nahrgang said. “It is through research and development by industry leaders such as Nucleus ProVets, that our beloved horses are able to perform at the top their game in the intense and extremely competitive sport of barrel racing.”

Noltrex®Vet was developed as a method that would be a safe, affordable, and an effective long-term treatment for various joint related conditions. This polyacrylamide gel was created to mimic the synovial fluid that is normally within the joints providing mechanical lubrication reducing the friction and wear on cartilage during training and performances. The injection leaves no residue and is fully absorbed by the horse.  

Having been used in over 35,000 horses with continued success stories from horse owners across various sports over the last four years, NBHA looks forward to sharing information about this innovative treatment with their members. NBHA members are encouraged to learn more at and speak with their veterinarians about this product. Ask your vet if Noltrex®Vet is right for your horse.

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