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More Ways to Win at the 2020 NBHA Open World

We’re counting down to the NBHA Open World Championships on October 24-31 in Perry, Georgia! We’re excited to bring you more ways to win in 2020. You’ll love our new side pots and the new Triple Crown Redemption Round that will give you one last chance to qualify for the Open Division Short Go! Enter now online with a reduced processing fee at

Oxy-gen Youth Side Pot and Troxel Helmet Side Pot

Enter the Youth and/or helmet side pot. These two new side pots are offered in Round 1 and 2 in the Open Division with $125 ADDED to each round. Side pots may be added to your entry onsite during check in. Youth side pot riders must be 18 years and under day of race. Riders may wear any brand of helmet in the Troxel Helmet Side Pot. All side pots are $25 each.

Triple Crown Redemption Round

All 2020 World Championship Open contestants who did not qualify for the Open World Championship Finals in Round 1 or 2 will have the opportunity to enter the Triple Crown Redemption Round with $2,500 ADDED and a $55 entry fee. You may sign up for the Triple Crown Redemption Round onsite, after the completion of Round 2. The Triple Crown Redemption Round will be held on Saturday morning before the Open Short Go Finals on October 31, 2020. Each D winner from that race will immediately advance to the Open Short Go Finals, where they will run for their share of the $45,000 ADDED.