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NBHA France Member Profile: Alanis Rondelli

My name is Alanis Rondelli. I am 16 and I am a Julien Tortora’s student. Julien is the president of the NBHA of France and the owner of the Montarines Ranch.

I started barrel racing one year ago with my new horse. My parents and I bought her in January 2019, her name isGR White Sugar Kim and she is 6 years old.  GR White Sugar Kim lived in Belgium and she had never seen a barrel before I got her. We worked hard all year and in November we went to Equitalyon. It is a big competition were the NBHA Finals takes place.

We were registered in the Youth and the Novice Horse categories. I was the first time I had competed there, and I was a bit stressed. I had a great season with her so I knew that everything would be good for us. I won this competition in both categories with a 15.452s and a 15.226s in the Youth and a 15.223s and a 16.052s in Novice Horse.

I qualified for the Youth World Championship. I have three sponsors – 2 clothing brands who are Fence 2 Fence and RankAHead and products for my horse by Horshair.

I understood that working hard is the only way to win and be proud of yourself and I wish to everybody had the chance that I have. Believing in your dreams is the only way to make them come true.

Alanis Rondelli

Photos: (Top left) Provided by Alanis Rondelli / (Bottom left and right) Julie Jurain