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How Do WCRA Consolation Points Work?

Since the National Barrel Horse Association is an official partner of the World Champions Rodeo Alliance, you can still earn points even if you don’t place in the NBHA event you nominated. Here’s the points breakdown by division.

World Champions Rodeo Alliance has created alliance partnerships with rodeo groups, committees, promoters, and single-discipline organizations, such as the NBHA, to create opportunities for members of these organizations to compete at WCRA events. The benefit for nominating an alliance event is that just by nominating, you are guaranteed to earn points. These points are called “consolation points.” If an athlete nominates an alliance event and does not place in a paid position, they will earn half of the base points for that division.

  1. Division 1 – 7.5 consolation points
  2. Division 2 – 4.5 consolation points
  3. Division 3 – 3 consolation points
  4. Division 4 – 1.5 consolation points

It has been the WCRA’s intent that if an athlete does place at the event, they will earn the points for their respective placing, and they will not earn the consolation points. The WCRA data team found that there was an error in our system, and athletes that were placing and nominating alliance events were receiving both their points for placing and the consolation points. Our team has gone in and taken away the consolation points in these instances. This has been applied across all disciplines and will remain this way throughout the entirety of Segment 2.

WCRA will continue to make every effort to update the leaderboard by Wednesday of every week. WCRA reserves the right to further audit the leaderboard up to the completion of the segment. Click HERE to view the leaderboard.

For information on how to qualify for the $500,000 Semifinals in Guthrie, Oklahoma, from May 15–19, click HERE.

Find the answer to additional questions about the WCRA and Official NBHA partnership here:

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