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Section B. Show Sanctioning

  1. For a show to be sanctioned by the NBHA, an official request must be made to the District Director on an NBHA Sanctioned Show Request Form. A $30 sanctioning fee must accompany this request. If the show is to be published in Barrel Horse News, the request form must be received by NBHA Headquarters 60 days prior to the show. To be approved as a sanctioned show, the request form and fee must be received at NBHA Headquarters at least 14 days prior to the requested show date. State Directors will have final approval for all sanctioned shows. NBHA points will not be awarded for shows that are not properly sanctioned.
  2. Sanctioned shows may pay out on either the 3D, 4D, or 5D format.
  3. The NBHA will sanction only one show on a given date within a district, except that two separate NBHA runs may be sanctioned on the same day at the same arena.
  4. No sanctioned NBHA point shows within the continental United States will be approved for dates that would interfere with members from attending their State Championships, the World Championships, the Youth World Championships. No sanctioned NBHA point shows within the continental United States will be approved within 350 miles of a Tour Show regardless of region. Exceptions may be permitted with timely approval from the NBHA Headquarters.
  5. Shows will be sanctioned on a first-come, first-serve basis. The NBHA reserves the right to refuse sanctioning for a particular date or show if it is determined not to be in the best interest of the NBHA or its members.
  6. A district shall have no fewer than six (6) nor more than eighteen (18) sanctioned shows per competition season.
  7. To be sanctioned, a show must offer all NBHA members in good standing, regardless of age or sex, the opportunity to compete. NBHA members may not be required to enter any other class, or join any other association or club, or pay any non-member fee or permit fee to any association or club not official affiliated with NBHA, as a condition of riding in an NBHA sanctioned class.
  8. There will be four classes of competition as follows (Proof of age may be required at the discretion of Show Management):
    • Open (all ages)
    • Youth (12 years of age and under as of January 1st of the competition year)
    • Teen (13-18 years of age and under as of January 1st of the competition year)
    • Senior (50 years of age and over as of the date of the show)

Proof of age may be required at the discretion of Show Management. A Youth competitor may not rollup to a Teen division for any reason.

  • Show Management may allow eligible contestants to rollover/carryover their time in the Open class for the Youth, Teen or Senior class. Contestants wishing to rollover a time must declare their intent before event begins. Any contestant carrying time must pay the applicable entry fee for both classes and is eligible to win prize money and NBHA points just as if the time was run in the other class. If this is done, the Open must be run first. The pattern for the Open, Youth, Teen and Senior must be exactly the same and must not be changed in any manner.
  • The NBHA points, and payout, if any, will be determined based only on those riders who qualify for that particular class (Youth, Teen or Seniors).
  1. All sanctioned shows must have an electronic timing system and conform to the NBHA rules. (Note: NBHA events will be timed to thousandths of seconds if the clock being used displays three decimal places.
  2. The District Director must submit show results of all NBHA classes (Open, Youth, Teen and Senior) to their State Director WITHIN SEVEN DAYS after the show. Please note that results must be reported in the 5‑D format, regardless of whether the show used the 3‑D, 4-D or 5‑D payout formula. POINT STANDINGS MUST BE POSTED IN A PUBLIC LOCATION BY THE DISTRICT DIRECTOR AT EVERY SHOW OR ON A PUBLIC WEBSITE FOR MEMBERS TO SEE. When a member disagrees with points awarded, that member will have 14 days, from the date points are posted, to bring any discrepancies to the attention of the District Director and, if necessary, to file a written protest in accordance with SECTION H of this Rule Book. If points are not posted in a public location at a show, members should notify their State Director. If that fails to resolve the problem, the member may notify their Regional Director in writing.
  3. Directors must use good judgment in order not to create a travel distance hardship on members and risk revocation of sanction. State Directors will have final approval authority for all co-sanctioned shows.
  4. The sanction fee for a co-sanctioned show is $30, no matter how many districts participate. However, each district director must sign off on the show for their district, either by signing the same form or by submitting their own form. A co-sanctioned show must be sanctioned for the district in which it takes place unless specific permission has been given by the District Director.
  5. If a show is co-sanctioned, and the host district later decides to cancel the sanction, the show may continue as sanctioned for any or all the visiting districts which decide to keep the sanction. The original host district may not sanction another show within that district on the same day.
  6. A contestant’s current NBHA membership card or a copy of current membership application must be presented to the show secretary prior to entering an NBHA sanctioned show.
  7. Non-members may compete for prize money at an NBHA sanctioned show only upon payment of a non-member permit fee. A non-member permit fee, in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) will be collected from each non-member seeking to enter each NBHA sanctioned show. The fee collected will permit non-members to enter one NBHA show and compete in all classes for which they are qualified. Non-member permit fees collected will be deposited in the district account for year-end awards. District Directors may waive the non-member permit fee for members of other approved clubs and associations only during a co-sanctioned event with the non-member’s club or association. The NBHA reserves the right to refuse co-sanctioning for a particular date or show if it is determined not to be in the best interest of the NBHA or its members.
  8. Organizations and individuals requesting NBHA sanctioned shows must use the official NBHA logo in all show bills and displayed advertising. Classified advertising and show listings must contain the words “NBHA Sanctioned.” Camera-ready copies of the NBHA logo are available on the NBHA website or by contacting the National Headquarters.
  9. As a condition of sanction, shows may be asked to display promotional items provided by select NBHA national sponsors.