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Section C. Earned Points

  1. To earn and maintain points, a competitor must be a member in good standing of the NBHA. Members who fail to renew their membership within 30 days of their expiration date will forfeit any accumulated points previously earned during the competition year. NBHA policy allows for a 30-day administrative grace period beyond the expiration date before the membership is officially marked as lapsed. This is to avoid penalizing the member with loss of NBHA points due to time it takes for the mail to arrive at Headquarters, or due to time taken by a director in forwarding memberships to Headquarters. It is also to allow the member the convenience of renewing at an NBHA sanctioned show, even if the next show is several days after the expiration date. It is not intended to give members an additional 30 days of membership privileges. Members who are in their administrative grace period should therefore not be credited with NBHA points unless they renew at the show before competing. Members past the expiration date are also liable for non-member permit fees. Members may not use the administrative grace period to compete in shows restricted to members, such as NBHA State Championships, Super Shows, National Championship Series, or World Championships.
  2. NBHA members may accumulate points in only one district at a time during the competition year. Members will be assigned to the district where they live unless Headquarters is notified in writing that they wish to compete in another district. Members lose accumulated points in a district when they start competing for NBHA points in another district during the competition year.
  3. Divisions are determined by time brackets. The fastest time in the class will set the time for payback and District 00 points.  Whatever district or districts sanction the show their district members’ fastest time will set the time for their district points.  If sanctioned by more than one district each district’s fastest time will set their time for their district points.
    • 1st division – Fastest time in the class and those who place in this division.
    • 2nd division – Fastest time in the class plus one‑half second and those who place in this division.
    • 3rd division – Fastest time in the class plus one second and those who place in this division.
    • 4th division ‑ Fastest time in the class plus one and one-half secondsand those who place in this division.
    • 5th division – Fastest time in the class plus two seconds and those who place in this division.  Note:  The 5th division is not limited to a one-half second interval from two to two and one-half seconds off the fastest time.  However, riders must make a good faith effort to run the pattern as fast as their ability will allow.
  4. NBHA points will be awarded in all classes and divisions on a 5,4,3,2,1 basis for 1st place through 5th place among NBHA members in that competition district only, regardless of the number of entries or paying places. If two or more riders tie, the points for the tied positions should be added together and divided equally among the riders who tied

    Example of the time brackets (Note: This is only an example)


    1st Division 2nd Division 3rd Division 4th Division 5th Division


    15.201- 5 pts 15.713- 5 pts 16.205- 5 pts 16.723- 5 pts

    17.201- 5 pts

    2. 15.272- 4 pts 15.772- 4 pts 16.322- 4 pts 16.740- 4 pts

    17.243- 4 pts

    3. 15.314- 3 pts 15.816- 3 pts 16.475- 3 pts 16.998- 3 pts

    17.386- 3 pts


    15.357- 2 pts 15.993- 2 pts 16.528- 2 pts 17.113 2 pts

    18.025- 2 pts

    5. 15.448- 1 pt 16.116- 1 pt 16.580- 1 pt 17.157- 1 pt

    18.567- 1 pt

    6. 15.639- 0 pts 16.145- 0 pts 16.622- 0 pts 17.199- 0 pts

    19.133- 0 pts

  5. Should fewer than five horses place in a division, NBHA points will be awarded beginning with five points for 1st place.
  6. NBHA points will not be awarded for any run during which a contestant knocks over a barrel.
  7. Competitors may enter more than one class. For example, competitors in the Youth 5D or Senior 5D classes may also qualify in the Open 5D class.
  8. Competitors may ride as many horses as they wish in each class. However, the competitor with multiple entries will receive points only for the highest placing horse in each division.
  9. At a co-sanctioned show, each district’s members are given their points separately. That is, the highest placing 1-D rider from each district gets 5 points, and so on.
  10. A competitor may qualify only one entry for the NBHA World Championships in each of the Open 5D divisions, the Youth 5D divisions, or the Senior 5D divisions, based on accumulated points.
  11. NBHA Points, in all classes and divisions are awarded to the rider.
  12. A horse may be entered only once in each class at the NBHA World Championships and National Championship Series, with the exception of immediate family members, as defined in Section A Paragraph 9 above, who qualify in the same class. In no case will the same horse be entered more than twice in the same class.
  13. Each district may qualify for the world show ten (10) total riders in each division of each class (Open, Youth, Teen, and Senior).
  14. Rules for the roving district within a state:
    1. The roving district is designated “00”. It works like a geographical district except that members may earn points at any show which is sanctioned for any district in their state. This has been developed to provide another option for members who want a greater selection in the number of shows they attend, or who have work or other obligations which make it difficult to commit to the schedule of a particular district.
    2. It is up to the discretion of the State Director whether to initiate the “00” district within a state. A District Director must be appointed to keep the points for the “00” district. This could be either the State Director or an appointed District Director. The State Director will determine the number of shows which each “00” member may count toward their year end point totals. The “00” Director will be responsible for submitting the year-end report with World Show qualifiers to Headquarters.
    3. Members declare the “00” district just like any other. A member may not declare “00”, and a regular district at the same time.
    4. A “00” member who competes in an NBHA sanctioned show must indicate on the entry card or form, before the competition, whether they will count this show for points. If the member receives no points, the show still counts toward the allotment of shows.
    5. Time splits for the “00” district will be taken off the fastest time in the class, regardless of whether that time is posted by a member or non-member or which district the rider is a member of.