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New NBHA Youth & Teen World Champions Crowned at NBHA’s Biggest Youth Barrel Race!

The 2021 NBHA Youth & Teen World Championship didn’t disappoint! Titles were hard to earn in a record-breaking event that exploded on July 17-27 in Perry, Georgia. Use the Leaderboard dropdown to view the full results from all the classes on Relive the action, and watch the highlights on the Wrangler Network here.

Youth World Championships – Short Go

1D-1st 14.529
Draw 196 1013 Pressley Green Porter Little Jets A Blazin

2D-1st 15.044
Draw 136 772 Brianna Woodmansee Cc Fancy Lil Cowgirl

3D-1st 15.529
Draw 130 1012 McKenna Ccamaque KN Fabulous N Perky

4D-1st 16.054
Draw 42 441 Teagan Allmond Spot Me a Fellow

5D-1st 16.576
Draw 83 965 Audrey Miller Curtis Lowe

Teen World Championships – Short Go

1D-1st 14.560
Draw 216 635 Summer Pauly JL Little Wags

2D-1st 15.067
Draw 241 222 Halle Laswell Famous Fire Walker

3D-1st 15.565
Draw 57 954 Walter Coogan Eyed Rather Be Lucky

4D-1st 16.089
Draw 5 37 Claire Wilson Major Gold Rush

5D-1st 16.560
Draw 71 4 Alexys Asher Blond Bomber