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NBHA Directors: Common 2021 Rulebook Questions Answered

Two of the most common questions based around our newly updated rulebook are explained below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Regional Directors or by emailing the main office at [email protected] for further clarification.

Ghost Entries Clarification:

A rider wishing to ghost enter a district race may enter a race like all other contestants, whether by pre-entry (if available) or on-site. This rider will receive no special considerations beyond the other competitors, meaning they must submit entries in the same way as others. The full entry fee plus any applicable fees as set forth with the entry, are still collected in full. The purse percentage of the entry is still to be paid out in the same fashion as all other contestants as set forths in the rulebook. At no time may a director keep the whole entry fee. The director will mark the contestant as a no-time or a scratch, or anything that helps signify the rider did not compete but will ensure they do not do anything to affect the part of the entry that should be paid out with the main race. These types of entries will not count for anything other than attendances to attend State Finals. No points will be awarded. Ghost entries are limited to one entry per sanctioned district race.

The idea is to allow a contestant to obtain one, two, or three of the three required races to qualify for the State Finals, even if they cannot race or attend. The payout will remain supplemented by these riders, and all fees will be directed to the district and state in the usual fashion. 

Youth/Teen Clarification:

The updated rule book addition of the Teen division was only to document the class that has been in the NBHA fabric for some time. The rule is designed to make sure districts are clearly dividing the points into two separate classes, Youth and Teen. This does not mean you cannot run these two classes together for one payout at district races. Districts choosing to run one Youth/Teen class and one payout may continue to do so, but must point the contestants belonging to the Youth and Teen separately.