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Wishing You and Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving – Meet Bailey Nahrgang

Happy Thanksgiving from NBHA

As the newly named Director of Barrel Racing for Morris Communications Company LLC events, which operates NBHA, West Coast Barrel Racing Association and other equine events, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am proudly based out of Fort Worth, Texas, where I reside with my husband, two children and a few horses (who’s counting right!?). As an avid barrel racer since the age of 3, I have been fortunate to see the sport evolve. From local jackpots to rodeos, I’ve travelled the country competing in the sport I love and absorbing the various cultures within the barrel racing industry. In addition, I have spent many years as a producer, operating the WCBRA. Nothing excites me more than being involved with the sport from coast to coast.

In my role, I will be developing strategies to assist our members and strengthen the association. I look forward to streamlining our processes, allowing staff to focus on what really matters—serving our valued members. I will work ambitiously to advance the NBHA while staying true to our roots and our western heritage.

From the NBHA’s creation in 1992, Executive Director Sherry Fulmer has paved the path and has the association well-positioned for the future. As Sherry heads into retirement next Spring and I take the reins, I pledge to work extremely hard to continue to provide an association that Sherry and all of NBHA can be proud of. With a relentless passion for the sport, I am dedicated to creating a dynamic NBHA while staying true to our roots and our western heritage.

I cannot wait to celebrate your victories, whether big, small, horse-related or not. I will work relentlessly, side-by-side with you, to create a thrilling, safe and welcoming environment for many years to come.

Thank you all for the welcoming embrace you have shared with me; here is to a fabulous future!