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Pam Mosher’s NBHA World Entry, is a rescue mare named ‘My Little Rescue Cherokee.’

My name is Pam Mosher I will be competing on my rescue I saved named My Little Rescue Cherokee.
I was born loving horses my dad bought my first pony when I was 8 after begging and crying for a couple years for a pony daddy caved lol. As the years went on I worked at local ranches for my horses’ board. I learned from the best old timer with so much horse wisdom his name was Paul Bean. Then went onto working and eventually traveling the race-tracks all over the United States. There I seen how horses were just left in their stalls after a meet, because they weren’t fast enough or broke down. So at 16, I started rescuing race horses.
At 18 I traveled all over the United States with race horses, then I got married had 2 beautiful kids Bridget and Troy Mosher, all the time still rescuing horses. When my kids were growing up they were very involved in 4-H showing and the Rescue. We had 36 horses for a couple years when the economy crashed. But both my kids were great helpers all throughout their youth.
In 2004, I lost my home to the hurricanes and my sister passed of cancer. At 44 yrs old, I lost my mother in 2011 after back surgery. I lost another home to Hurricane Irma, but it has never stopped me from keeping my head up and continuing to help the rescues.
Back in 2016, I decided I need a life of my own cause tomorrow is never promised. And I have so longed to get back into barrel racing as I had raced at fun shows as a little girl up, until my kids were born. I always dreamed of me and one of my rescues making it big and promoting rescues by making it big. I had dreamed of riding with the pros but God sent me in other directions to do his work of having a family and saving animals. I wouldnt change a thing he chose for me. I love what I do and don’t regret what I had to pass up along the way. I’ve often sat and wished I could run again but knew He would give me a sign if that’s what he wanted me to do.
After 2 bad accidents left me with a space in my neck, 7 herniated discs, and 4 bulging discs. I was told I could never ride, if I wanted to keep walking because if I ever fall I would be paralyzed for life… that’s when I asked God why.
Well, he gave me the strength to endure the daily pain, and to continue rescuing. He’s given me the strength to carry on learn to cope with it. Then God called me to save 3 very brutally neglected starved horses. That I was told should be put down but I said NOPE, they have fought long and hard to survive in hopes someone would save them.
The one white gelding, may he rest in peace, lasted a month. The second, a sorrel, showed improvement but took a turn for the worse 3 months into rehabilitation. The 3rd, is my little pony mare I named My Little Rescue Cherokee. She was very standoffish and wouldn’t warm up to me the first 6 months. She would rather kick me then me love on her. But she was showing a lot of improvement health wise but not bonding wise. Then one day she decided to give me a chance and the bond we have is unbelievable now.
She loves me with all her heart and I love her with all my heart. She gives me her all 150% every run we do. No shes not a 1D or a 2D horse. But I’m OK with that. Because her and I enjoy running barrels together win or loose.
This mare starting bringing me back to life at 55 and I am now for our 3rd NBHA World, I am 58. Before her, I was so buried in just my rescues I had no social life, I had no life other then caring and supporting the rescues. Our first NBHA World we didn’t place. Our 2nd NBHA World which was last year, we placed 4th in the 4D. It was like we one 1D Open, lol.
Here was a mare that should of died 4 yrs ago, never seen a barrel in her life, placing at a NBHA World level competition. Now that’s something to brag about! And our goal this year, if He has it in his plans for us, is a first place, I don’t care in what D level or if its Open or Senior.
She is such a great inspiration for people to start looking at rescues just by qualifying for NBHA World but to place, it’s even better. A win will just put the icing on the cake!
I’m proud as I can be of her either way, of how far she has come and what a fight for life she had to endeavor to get here. In my heart, I believe this was God’s way of saving me and her. Gods way of telling me it was time for me to live my barrel racing dream and go out in ride with the pros and enjoy my life before I cant.
Our motto is chase your dreams while you can because tomorrow is never promised.
*Pam Mosher will be riding My Little Rescue Cherokee in Open and Senior Divisions at 2019 NBHA World Championships